News nerd and web tinkerer based in Chicago and New York 

Journalism student at Northwestern University ('18). Currently interning at, designing graphics for the web and analyzing data. Northwestern Knight Lab fellow.



liberation | side project

South Korea celebrated its 70th Independence Day on Aug. 15, 2015. Follow me as I walk around Gwanghamun Square (광화문) and attend a free concert in City Hall (시청). Filmed on a DSLR & edited with Premiere Pro. Click on the image or watch here 

DINING FOR A CAUSE | class project

A glimpse into what a non-profit cafe is doing to help incarcerated men receive a second chance in life. Filmed on an iTouch (due to limited tech gear) and edited with Premiere Pro. 

Click on the image or watch here

finding ruby neutrino | shehackschi

I used Adobe After Effects,  Illustrator, and Premiere Pro to capture the look and feel of a web video game my team designed. The video was used in our slide deck as a prototype video mock-up. #SheHacksChi in Chicago on Oct. 2015. Click on the image or watch here

learn.knightlab | knight lab

Responsible for creating editorial content, 
user-friendly design, and fixing usability issues. 
Used CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Click here to explore the website. 



For Journalism 390 Long Form Interactive, my team reported on mysterious shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. We created two interactive data viz maps using D3.js, Waypoints, and Leaflet. I worked extensively on the javascript and D3.

The piece is soon getting published by a major national magazine publication. As a result, the final draft is not yet open to the public. If I've sent this to you as a clip please refer to the private url. 



One of the biggest problems for indie developers is that there is no common gathering place to share their work and hear about each other. Outpost is a platform that creates an online community that brings indie games to the forefront, connecting them to each other in a database populated by presskit(). It's a LinkedIn but for game developers. Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. See the demo here.




I designed, developed, and wrote a service-orientated piece about OTC cold medications. The crux of the project was creating filtering "cards" that explained common active ingredients in drug labels and their uses. Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Experience the full thing here



Hackathons & Presentations:


Presented a Lightning talk at the Knight Lab with my colleague about the beauty of virtual reality journalism. Shared about our experience at the USC's Women's Hackathon. Click on the image to see our slides.

why journalists should learn how to code

I gave a talk to a freshmen multimedia reporting class about the benefits of learning how to code, using learn.knightlab - the tutorial site I worked on



In addition to creating the video demo, I worked on the design aspects and storytelling narrative.

Read more details about the hackathon below. Click on the image to see our slide deck.


cardful | #iot makeathon

CARDful is an Internet of Thing that helps recent graduates budget their money. It's a card with a color-changing LCD that syncs with a mobile app and lets you know if you are in the red, yellow, or green zone.

See our presentation here

ways to think about the internet of things

A lightning talk my friends Aditi, Rosalie, and I gave about our experience at the WVU makeathon and the possibilities with internet of things. 



VRzine is a VR content creating mobile news app that aims to distribute and encourage more VR journalism. I created a static design prototype for our slide deck to help illustrate what our app would look like. Built with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign


Full time student but last seen in...

WASHINGTON D.C. | medill on the hill | SUMMER 2016

Business and tech reporter following the campaign trail

new york, new york | | summer 2016

Data viz and graphics intern for 

paris, france | refugee crisis reporting | june 4th - 12th, 2016

One of 10 Medill students selected to participate in a reporting trip to Paris. We wrote stories on the refugee crisis and worked on an assignment for the Washington Post. 

morgantown, west virginia | internet of things mediashift makeathon | april 1-3, 2016

My team won first place in a business pitch competition against 10 other teams with our app CARDful. See presentation here

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS | sndmakes chicago | february 5-7, 2016

Worked with game developers, journalists, and cartoonists to learn more about the intersection between games and news. Created an online Linkedin-inspired community that brings indie game developers to the fore front. See our demo here.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS | ire chicago watchdog workshop | OCT. 23-24, 2015

Attended several core sessions on investigating inequality, negotiating records, and scraping data. Learned how to create better data visualizations and maps using QGIS. 


My team and I created a web video game that encouraged 8-15-year-old girls to pursue STEM fields. Inspired by the video game "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" we created "Finding Ruby Neutrino" - a badass female scientist who is not only a role model but friend. By solving a number of coding challenges to help Dr. Neutrino find water in Mars, young girls are encouraged and exposed to learn code, math, engineering, and science in a fun and stimulating way.

Read more about the hackathon here and see our demo here.

los. angeles | USC WOMEN'S HACKATHON | OCT. 9-11, 2015

Was selected as one of four students to represent Northwestern Medill. The hackathon's  challenge was to create an app or service that would combine immersive journalism and virtual reality. We created a new VR publication called VRzine - read more about what we built and my experience here.

I also gave a Knight Lab lightning talk about it here

washington d.c. | medill washington bureau | OCT. 7-9, 2015

Was one of 24 students selected to fly to D.C. and learn more about health care, business, and public policy reporting. Read more about the trip here.

seoul, south korea | sIDE projects | aug. 2015

In between stuffing my face with bibimbap (비빔밥) and kimchi, I spent my three weeks back home relaxing and creating travel videos for fun. Used Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. 

beijing, hangzhou, and shanghai, china | study abroad | june - aug. 2015

Relevant coursework: Mandarin, Chinese Public Health, and Energy and Sustainability in China

Learned how to overcome feeling helpless in a city where I don't speak the language. Befriended neighbors and store owners. Fell in love. Read more about it here


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